Our Story

Experimental, top-secret testing. Brewing (and drinking) beer. Affinity for aviation history and innovation. Bored with normal work. Inspiration from a late brother and uncle. A desire to bring people together to share ideas, stories and beer in an inclusive community environment. Did we mention brewing (and drinking) beer?
Have fun.
Heavier Than Air Brewing Company was founded on all of these ideas, and we hope that you enjoy what we’ve created. The Dayton area and Miami Valley at-large has a long and storied heritage of invention and perseverance, and of being good neighbors to one another in times of both triumph and peril. So come in, have a pint, a chat, a gathering, a ‘spirited debate’, or whatever it is you look to accomplish in your time with us, or let the prevailing winds take you where they may.

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Nick Jr


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